Titus Gebel

– Entrepreneur and inventor of the Free Private Cities concept –

Understanding the concept of Free Private Cities

The concept of Free Private Cities brings a refreshing change to traditional governance systems. Imagine cities where a private company, referred to as the ‘City Operator,’ handles administration and security. It’s like buying services from your favourite service provider but on an entirely different level.

Can Free Private Cities Replace the State?

Recently, we spoke with Mr. Gebel about some common objections to the idea of totally privatized cities existing side-by-side with states of today. 

Free Private Cities – there is an alternative

According to polls in Western countries, 80 per cent of citizens are dissatisfied with how they are governed, no matter who is in charge. 

Free Private Cities: the future of liberalism

With the rapid globalisation that began after the collapse of the Eastern bloc, much of the world got richer quickly. China and India’s partial liberalisations lifted more people out of poverty than any event in human history.

Private Cities: A Model for a Truly Free Society?

Imagine a system in which a private company as a “government service provider” offers you protection of life, liberty, and property.

Private Cities: A Path to Liberty

Let us analyze the market for governance: states exist, at least in part, because there is demand for them.