Titus Gebel

– Entrepreneur and inventor of the Free Private Cities concept –

About me

My name is Titus Gebel, I was born in 1967. I come from a typical West German middle class family, my father was a lieutenant colonel and my mother was a primary school teacher. After graduating from high school, I spent two years in the tank corps of the German Bundeswehr and became a reserve officer. I then studied law at the University of Heidelberg and received my doctorate in international law. At the same time, I was a drummer in punk and hardcore bands for many years. Initially I worked as a lawyer for a few years, until I was drawn to the world of business. After a few positions in biotechnology and venture capital, I founded Deutsche Rohstoff AG together with a partner in 2006, which I led as CEO until 2014. Deutsche Rohstoff AG has been listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since 2010. The company was successful and I owe my fortune to it.

I have been active in the classical liberal political spectrum since my youth (Naumann Foundation, FDP…). However, after 30 years of political activity, I came to realize that the current systems cannot be sustainably reformed and moved to Monaco with my family in 2015.

This is where I developed the concept of Free Private Cities, a completely new product in the “market of living together”. In 2018 I published the book Free Private Cities – Making Governments Compete For You, which sets out the theoretical and practical foundations. I supported ZEDE Próspera in Honduras as an investor as well as Chief Legal Officer from 2017-2019 to create its legal framework and get it approved by the government. Since then, I have also been advising other governments and interested parties in setting up innovative special economic zones and special administrative zones.

I now work full-time as CEO of Tipolis, a company I founded that creates new autonomous zones and Free Cities around the world.

I also founded the non-profit Free Cities Foundation. The foundation works with local authorities and initiatives that pursue freedom-oriented policies. The aim is to give citizens more choice in the rules that govern their lives. As an advisor to the Andan Foundation, I contribute my knowledge to the creation of refugee cities (instead of camps).

Since the future of energy supply is one of the most important issues of all, I helped found Dual Fluid Energy in Canada in 2021.

I am married and have two adult children. I like to read and I read a lot, I ride my motorcycle, go skiing and snowboarding