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– Titus Gebel – 

A New Operating System for Living Together


My name is Titus Gebel, born in 1967. I come from a typical West German middle-class family; my father was a lieutenant colonel, my mother a primary school teacher. After graduating from high school, I served two years as a tank soldier of the Bundeswehr. Subsequently, I studied law at the University of Heidelberg and then earned a doctorate in international law. Initially, I worked for several years as a lawyer, but then I was drawn into the world of business. After several stations in biotechnology and venture capital, in 2006, together with a partner, I founded Deutsche Rohstoff AG, which I led as CEO until 2014. Deutsche Rohstoff AG has been listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since 2010. The company was successful, and I owe my fortune to it.

Since my youth, I have been active in the classical liberal political spectrum (Naumann Foundation, FDP…). However, after 30 years of political activity, I came to the realization that the current systems are not sustainably reformable and moved to Monaco with my family in 2015.

There, I developed the concept of Free Private Cities, a completely new product in the “market of living together.” In 2018, I published the book Free Private Cities – More Competition in the Most Important Market in the World, in which the theoretical and practical foundations are laid out. I supported ZEDE Próspera in Honduras as an investor and from 2017-2019 also as Chief Legal Officer to create its legal framework and have it approved by the government. Since then, I have also been advising other governments and interested parties on setting up innovative special economic zones and special administrative zones.

Since the future of energy supply is one of the most important issues of all, I helped found Dual Fluid Energy in Canada in 2021.

In addition, I founded the non-profit Free Cities Foundation. The foundation works with self-governing territories that uphold individual rights and freedoms. The goal is to give citizens more choices in rules that govern their lives. As an advisor to the Andan Foundation, I contribute my knowledge to the creation of refugee cities (instead of camps).

My current main activity is as CEO of Tipolis, a company that creates new autonomous zones and Free Cities worldwide.

I am married and have two adult children. I enjoy reading a lot, riding motorcycles, skiing and snowboarding.

Free Private Cities

Imagine a private company offering you the protection of life, liberty, and property in a defined area as a ‘government service provider. This service includes security and emergency forces, a legal and regulatory framework, and an independent judiciary. You pay a contractually fixed amount for these services per year. The government service provider, as the operator of the community, cannot unilaterally change the contract later. Disputes between you and the governent service provider are negotiated before independent arbitration courts, as is already common in international commercial law. If the operator ignores the arbitration rulings or abuses his power in other ways, his customers leave, and he goes bankrupt.


The book Free Private Cities is available on Amazon in the third, revised edition with 6 new chapters.


The key points of my concept are briefly explained in the Whitepaper.


The most common questions, criticisms, and objections are addressed here.

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