Titus Gebel

– Entrepreneur and inventor of the Free Private Cities concept –

If you want to prevent individuals from receiving special benefits from the government at the expense of third parties, you must create a system of government that cannot grant special benefits at all.

– Titus Gebel –

In current political systems, the actions of both rulers and the governed are shaped by wrong incentives. Rulers have no liability and face no economic disadvantage if they make poor decisions. The governed are made to believe that “free” benefits can come into existence through the power of their votes. This politicizes the state monopoly on force and leads to constant changes to the “social contract” and an endless struggle to influence the direction of this change.

But people are different. What is right for one person may be wrong for another. The fact that individual values are ultimately subjective and that people also have objectively different life situations means that any “political solution” leaves behind those who have been forced into something against their will. “Making politics” means taking sides and making the wishes of some the standard for all. And by force if necessary, because all political solutions are ultimately supported by the threat of force from the executive. Politics thus becomes an invisible civil war, whose inconspicuousness results from the fact that the victims of state intervention have no realistic chance of fighting back.

I propose a peaceful and voluntary alternative to the political status quo: Free Private Cities. More on this page and in my downloadable white paper.